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About Bournemouth

Bournemouth is 90 miles south west of London and has a population of 180 000. It takes 1.5 hours by train and approximately 2.5 hours by bus from London. Transportation to other cities is quite easy from Bournemouth.

The largely Victorian style architecture originates from the 19th century remains widespread throughout the town and is very attractive.

International and British students come together in Bournemouth to create a multicultural community. Each year about 20 000 students come to the Bournemouth University and College to study. You will encounter students from around 80 different countries in Bournemouth. Some of these students are studying at language schools and there are about 18 language schools in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth is also a tourist destination with its 7 miles of beaches of golden sand and its large green spaces. Many tourists come to Bournemouth each year. There are many boutique hotels and world-famous hotels such as Ramada and Marriot. It is easy to find all cuisines in the town’s restaurants.

Where to go:

Double-decker buses called Yellow Buses and More buses, which are in service 24 hours a day during the summer and are increasingly popular as a means of transportation in Bournemouth. The monthly or weekly bus cards are an economical option for people who are using bus regularly. Famous brands shops can be found in Bournemouth such as  Debenhams, Beales, Next and River Island.

BIC (Bournemouth International Centre): This is a popular venue 12 months of the year for international concerts, dance shows, exhibitions, & formal conferences. Its location is close to the town centre and Bournemouth Pier. Many famous singers choose to perform at the BIC including Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Cat Stevens and Madonna.

Oceanarium : This is a huge aquarium accommodating thousands of tropical fishes. The entrance charge is £9 and it is located on the seafront just down from the BIC.

Littledown Sports Centre: This is the biggest sports centre in the South England and is located on the outskirts of Bournemouth.

Social Life:

The social life in Bournemouth is vibrant, with many cafes, restaurants and pubs. The town is very busy in winter with both international and British students coming together, especially at weekends to have a blast. There are fantastic pubs and clubs like Revelotion, Aruba, BarSo, 1812 and Camel Bar where students can spend their weekends. Many venues are open until 3 am. However, the party at some venues isn’t over until 6 am.

There are about 100 festivals in Bournemouth during summer. They start in June and continue until the end of August. Thousands of tourists come to Bournemouth from other cities to see these festivals. There is an excellent firework show on each Saturday night based on Bournemouth Pier. The view from Aruba, Harbour Lights and West Beach is breathtaking.

Bournemouth Air Festival is one of the most famous air shows in the UK with around 195,000 people visiting Bournemouth in August 2018 to see the show.

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