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AAT Level - 4 Professional Diploma

48 weeks, max.6 students per class. Unit By Unit Courses at 6pm

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AAT Level 4 Course


3. June 2022

Starts: September 2022

Max. class size:     4

Study Unit by Unit: Each Unit is 8 weeks

The purpose of the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting is to enhance the skills developed from the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting, enabling students to maximise opportunities in their current or new employment. By studying for this qualification, students will acquire professional accountancy and finance skills that will be useful throughout their careers, including:

§  drafting financial statements for limited companies

§  knowledge and skills in complex management accounting techniques

§  the ability to analyse accounting systems and their associated controls

§  knowledge and skills in specialist accountancy and finance subjects

Why Study with us?

Our maximum class size is 6 students per class. Therefore, the students get an individual attention at all time. Our tutor can also support you by email, by Skype and by phone call when you are not at our centre.

Course Outline:

The AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting covers high-level accounting and finance topics and tasks. Students will look at and become comfortable with a wide range of financial management skills and applications; recommending accounting systems strategy; and constructing and presenting complex management accounting reports.

 This qualification comprises four mandatory units and two specialist units selected from a choice of five options*.

 The mandatory units

§  Management Accounting: Budgeting

§  Management Accounting: Decision and Control

§  Financial Statements of Limited Companies

§  Accounting Systems and Controls

The optional units

§   Business Tax

§   Personal Tax

§   External Auditing

§   Cash and Treasury Management

§   Credit Management

Assessment method: Computer Based Exams (5-unit assessments & 1 Synoptic Assessment)


Entry requirements?

This course is for people who have completed AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting, and would like to further their skills and career prospects.

Not sure if this is the right level for you?

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International Students: 

 IELTS 5.5 score recommended for this course. Students who have not reach this English language level may do so by studying at Flex Academy - Bournemouth, 

The Course Fee:  £3990

The course fee is £3990 and payable in advance, 4 weeks prior to the start of the course. Your place within the course will not be secure without payment and completed application form. 


Study Unit by Unit option: £795

The first unit will start in September.

Pay as you study - Interest Free Instalment

This is an interest free option to pay via instalments by a standing order.

What is included the course fee?

- Classroom based tuition with the maximum eight students per class.

- Assessment feedback

- Course books

-  All 6 exams.

What is not included? 

 AAT Registration Fee: £149 (Annual &student admin fee)

All students are required to register with AAT prior to sitting an AAT assessment. The AAT registration also offers access to exclusive study support and resources including interactive e-learning and sample assessment papers. (prices from September 2021)

The AAT fees are paid by the learner directly to AAT 

(Students cannot sit an exam without the membership being up to date)

- AAT Exam Re-sit:

This additional fee is for exam re-sits for students wishing to re-sit the exam on another day if they fail their exams. The dates and times available will be advised by the centre for students to choose from. The fee will be required to pay the exam (£49, apart from synoptic £56) and admin fee (£47).

What will this qualification lead to:

Once qualified, students automatically become AAT affiliate members and, with relevant work experience, will qualify for full AAT membership, which will allow them to use the designatory letters MAAT after their name.
However, the primary and most important outcome of the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting is that it can lead to a wide variety of well-paid accountancy and finance jobs, some of which include:

§  professional accounting technician
§  assistant management accountant
§  senior financial officer
§  accounts payable and expenses supervisor
§  assistant financial accountant
§  cost accountant
§  fixed asset accountant

Fast track to chartered accountancy:

The AAT Professional Diploma in Accountancy can give qualified students exemptions towards all or parts of the UK’s chartered and certified accountancy qualifications.

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