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6 Spanish Lessons £36

Maximum of 8 Students Per Class.

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Spanish Lessons in Bournemouth

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3. June 2022


Starts in September 2022

6 lessons £42.

Max. 6 students per class.

Evening Lessons.

Spanish Lessons is provided by Flex Academy Bournemouth.

Come and join, fun and in friendly group in the evenings with a maximum of 8 students per class. Get individual attention from our teacher.

There are 2 lessons each evening between 6pm and 8pm.

Each lesson 50 minutes long and £7, if you buy min.6 lessons.

The registration fee is £27

The lessons are all year around.

One to one teaching is £21

One to one Skype lesson is £14 (Registration fee is £10).

Skype lessons in group mode is also available.

Pasos Books is used  for Spanish lessons. For more info about the book and to buy please click the link below.

Join our Spanish Social - Every other Saturday.

Improve your spoken Spanish and make a new friends.

For more information about the Spanish Lessons please contact us.

Our consultancy services are always provided free of charge.

Fees are paid directly to Flex Academy

InterCon UK never requests fees from students who study in UK.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Flex Academy please send e-mail to office@interconuk.org 



Time at Bournemouth 21:50

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This page updated 3. June 2022.

* Only when you study in Bournemouth for more than 7 months                                                                 ** Only for Bournemouth University & for Bournemouth College